Serving Toronto and surrounding areas, Liberty Village Plumbing Inc. brings over 15 years of experience to homes, condominiums and commercial properties.


Master Plumber Donny Mills, began servicing local units in Liberty Village in 2017, bringing over 15 years of experience to the neighbourhood. He has since expanded the service locations to Toronto's downtown core and surrounding areas.

The Liberty Village Plumbing team are friendly, trained and knowledgeable in addressing everything from minor plumbing issues to large-scale renovation projects that occur in the cities' highrises, townhomes, residences and businesses.

Liberty Village Plumbing Inc. is licenced, insured and bound under the provincial Workplace and Safety Insurance Board (WSIB). We abide by and are governed by all Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws and regulations including the Ontario Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

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Phone Number: 647-291-2105
Hours: 9AM to 6PM Mon-Fri
Email: [email protected]



Services Offered

  • Condominiums, apartments, townhomes and houses.

  • Clogs and leaks.

  • Repairs, maintenance and installation of plumbing fixtures and systems.

  • New plumbing fixtures, including: dishwashers, toilets, faucets, etc.

  • Water filtration systems.

  • Bathroom/kitchen and whole home renovations.

  • Kitec piping replacement.


Services Offered

  • Over 15 years of Commercial and Industrial plumbing experience.

  • Repairs, maintenance, diagnosis and installation of plumbing fixtures and systems.

  • Building-wide unit upgrades in condominiums and townhomes.

  • Commercial appliance installation, including: dishwashers, glass rinsers, faucets, water filtration systems, etc.

  • Kitec piping replacement.

Our Clients